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Advertising Equipment more...
· piezo printer · Engraving machine
· laser machine · banner printer
· plotter machine · Inkjet Printer
· Printing Machine · Plastic Machine
Advertising Material more...
· Pictorial material · Carving materials
· Heat rotates seal material · Chapter material
· Full-automatic scroll material · Show equipment and material
Advertising Design more...
· banners production · sculpture
· Inkjet photo · Print
· Label production · Website
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    ZIBO JINGONG ADVERTISING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is that the exploitation one being engaged in advertisement equipment specially produces,sells the company who extends,makes the comprehensiveness processing for an integral whole,Our main products are engraving machine,laser engraving machine,CNC engraving machine,seal engraver machine,seal carving machine,plotter machine,inkjet printer,printing machine,auto banner machine,banner printer,piezo printer,four colors piezo printer,six colors piezo printer,Short-board digital printing press,Laminating machine and so on advertisement equipment.
      The administration having advertizing company many years manages a company preparing a marketplace operating a scheme..       Act for invincible gear difficult to gain a profit of       The whole journey enjoying metalworking general headquarter serves system  
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    Company: Zibo JinGong Advertising Equipment Co., Ltd. AD Equipment Tel :013969311400 , 86-0533-3141934/3141943
    Ad Design Tel :86-0533-3141439 , 013354419413 Ad Material Tel:86-0533-3141349 , 018678119334 18678111494
    Address: Zhangdian District of Zibo City, 68-6 # 2 Road West (south gate of the YINZUOJIAJU)
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